A Testimony By Dr. Manthena Damodara Chary, One Of The Great English Poets In India, A Renowned English Professor And The Chairman Of Telangana Poets' Forum, Hyderabad.

I am fortunate to be in association with Dr.K.K.Mathew, a distinguished physician, in Kerala. He contributes his articles of interest to the journals of international significance. He was a former student of the University of Delhi. He won recognition as a renowned physician in Kerala.
Dr. K.K. Mathew is a literary genius. We are the ardent worshippers of the Muse. We have many publications to our credit.
For over one year I have been passing through the critical phase of life owing to ill health.He is at a distance of 1,000 kms.away from me. He always lends his benevolent hand to me whenever I require immediate medical attention.He is accessible to me through the Messenger and tenders medical advice to me to secure my health. I watch Jesus Christ,the Saviour, in him who comes to my rescue on time and speaks words of comfort to alleviate my suffering.I have multiple health problems. He prescribes efficacious medicine to keep me hale and hearty.
I acknowledge my genuine gratitude to him for paying frequent medical attention to me round the clock. Who will take care of the health of a person who has ruined his life through pernicious habits? I bow my head to you, My Saviour, Dr. K.K..Mathew.
Dr.Manthena Damodara Chary
Chairman,Telangana Poets' Forum
April 19,2021