Christ Touched And Healed Akshai

It was in September 2014, that day, when I was examining patients in my consultation room, the medical representative Viswanathan came. His mobile phone was ringing continuously. I told him to go out of the room and attend the call. When he came back, I asked him, what was the.matter? He said, It was his cousin sister calling from Kilimanoor that her son Akshai fell ill on the previous day and was admitted to the Government Taluk Hospital. This morning the boy does not get up. The doctors do not know what the disease is? They want to shift the boy to some other hospitals. Sister does not know, what to do. She was crying. When I heard it, Christ whispered in my heart, what Akshai suffering from is the rare disease named 'Guillain Barre Syndrome' which can kill him soon. I asked Viswanathan to SMS the name of the disease to the mobile phone of sister, ask her to rush to the casualty of the Government Medical College, Trivandrum and show the SMS to the House-Surgeon. Viswanathan did what I said. Akshai was immediately rushed to the casualty of the medical college and his mother showed the SMS to the House Surgeon. He immediately showed Akshai to the unit chief and within no time he was shifted to Neurology ICU and was put on ventilator. The Neurology professor confirmed that it was Guillain Barre syndrome. Since being poor, Akshai could not afford to pay for the important treatment-administration of the costly Immunoglobulin. Hence the second line of treatment - continuous exchange transfusion - was given. He was administered 36 bottles of blood and Akshai miraculously survived! Akshai's friends at school donated the blood. I told Akshai's parents that I have no role in his treatment .It is Christ touched him healed him! They believed it. I gave them a Holy Bible to read.