God's Grace A Wonder

The Rev. A. K. George of Marthoma Church was a missionary who had spent most of his life time in the Tibetan border. The place is a mountainous area of the Himalayas. The Rev.George is known to me for long. While serving in the Tibetan border, he came on vacation to Kerala and paid visit to me. He used to discuss with me about some of the patients whom he had visited. He used to take my advice and collect medicines for them.

In 1987 when he came home, he visited me. This time he apprised me of the agony of a person living in the Tibetan border who was treated at different hospitals but without any cure. I patiently listened to the story, he narrated. Nathre Singh Panghthy lives in the Bhainskhal village of the Tibetan border situated about 3000 ft to 8000 ft above the sea level. He was a rich person. He owned lot of land, cows and goats. He suffered from a peculiar ailment. He complained of severe burning sensation inside and outside the chest. He felt as though his chest was being burned in a pyre of fire. His agony increased day by day and he could not bear it. All native treatments given to him were of no effect. Hence he became very weak and depressed. Nethre singh's relatives decided to take him to the valley for treatment.

He came to the valley by riding on an ass. From there he had to travel by bus for two days to reach Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. He was admitted to King George Medical College and treatment was started. But to his dismay the treatment did not give him any relief. He was in great pain.

The relatives of Nathre Singh took him to Delhi. He was admitted to All India Institute of Medical Science, the prime Medical Institute in India. All investigations were done and treatment was started. But he did not get any relief of his agony. The doctors could not come to a definite diagnosis of the disease. His health deteriorated further. He showed his desire to go back to his native place in Tibet. He prayed that he dies soon and be relieved of the unbearable pain.

One day the Rev.George appeared before Nathre Singh. The priest prayed and said to him:"God is fully capable of healing you". He inquired about his disease and noted all the details on a piece of paper. He told Nathre Singh "I am going on vacation next week. I will visit my doctor and tell him about your disease and seek his advice".

The priest returned to his home. The next day he paid a visit to me. He placed before me all the details about Nathre Singh's ailment. I listened to the priest's words. God whispered in my heart that what Nathre singh suffers is-"Intercostal Neuritis"[inflammation of intercostal nerves] and the drug carbamazepine would be effective in him.I told the priest, "I have no role in his treatment, it is God who is treating Nathre Singh. God used the Rev.George and me to play a small part in His great plan".

The priest returned to the Tibetan border. After few months, I got a letter from the priest that Nathre singh took the medicine as per my advice and he had a miraculous recovery, I am glad to tell that after 12 years, the Rev. George, who is no more now, brought a letter written by Nathre Singh. In that letter, Nathre Singh wrote-"I am a believer of God. God's Grace which gave me 12 more years, is really wonderful!".