How Jesus Is Guarding My Family

Nothing is impossible before Jesus! I have posted here many true life incidents where Jesus touched and healed. But here I am witnessing a true one connected with my family. Last Tuesday my wife, a Gynaecologist,suffered very severe pain in her abdomen and the scanning showed a stone got impacted at the junction of the left ureter and urinary bladder and obstructing the flow of urine.More over another two stones each were seen in both kidneys. It was an emergency that the impacted stone at the junction is to be removed surgically, otherwise that kidney will be damaged.Hence she has to be rushed to the hospital at Alua where my brother is working as cardiologist.

We all pleaded to Jesus to heal her immediately. Yesterday morning she was to be operated under general anaesthesia. We had vision that she should be scanned just before surgery.Jesus acted that even CTScan showed that all the 5 stones disappeared instantaneously and she could return home yesterday itself. What a wonder! Jesus touched and healed her!