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Always I am on my path towards the 'Truth'. My journey started at the age of 16. The path was full of thorns. Though I failed repeatedly in my initial attempts, I succeeded since the past 25 years. I could find out the 'Truth' 15 years ago. I could realize that the 'Truth' is nothing but Jesus Christ! The journey is a self study or self dissection of my mind. Now I realize, the study is never ending! My self search is still continuing! I hear the words of Jesus and He is guiding me always. I could communicate with Him. Most of the time, I am in a state of abode or bliss, even when I face a lot of physical sufferings.

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Dr. K. K. Mathew’s poetry book “Soul Touch” speaks of the wonders of God’s creations; he writes in depth of nature’s beauty. His poetry encourages faith in God; extolls others to reach for the joys of knowing God on a personal level. His life is a testimonial to God’s everlasting love for humanity. You will live this man’s faith when you read his beautiful poetry. You cannot help but come out a better person for reading just one of his poems. Annie Johnson – American Poet

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Dr. K. K. Mathew’s poetry book TWIG speaks of compassion for all living things. He writes many thoughts of guidance on everyday living and walking with Jesus as a guide. Poetry has been part of his soul for many years. Nothing I write can ever do justice to the beauty of this man’s soul that flows into his written word. His book TWIG is a blessing to humanity dictated to his soul by Jesus Christ. Annie Johnson – American Poet

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The poetry book “Euphony” contains mystical and spiritual poems. The 100 poems in the book are well crafted and are based on deep truths. Every effort was made to explore the deep truths that are found to be hidden in the most basic matters, and the poet was successful in doing that. Most of the poems are revelations from the poet’s inner mind. The basics of human lives are explored and revealed, and the symphony of love is beautifully presented here. These poems are sweeter to the heart, as many of them dictate the theme of musical love. These poems are the end result of repeated searches to find inner truths. The book magnifies the inner beauty and wisdom in every word written. So much effort was put into expressing the values of human life. The name of the book, "Euphony", signifies the melodious sweetness of the poetry lines. The value of human lives are expressed here. Simple things contain so many treasures inside, and the poet could pick some of them. Most of the poems in the book are soulful. They delineate the inner aspects of basic human morals like love, kindness, sincerity, honesty, etc. The poems in the book help the readers live a good human life. Some of the poems are connected with the mysteries of God and the universe, and every attempt was made to explore them and reveal the truth. The poems state the trueness of love and assert that developing absolute faith in God is the remedy for all the difficult problems that man is facing. The lines in the book are God-centered and exhort man to come closer to God. The poems readjust the human mind to grasp the nobilities of human life. Extreme caution was given to project high morals. The dissection of the human mind is done by faith, and the sequence of events that happen is well explained. The unworthiness of developing excessive worldly passion and the need for divine perception are beautifully stated. Occasionally, the words used here are the symbolic expression of great imagery. Simplicity is visualized everywhere, and the beauty of themes is attractive. Reading the book gives insight into developing the perfection of human life.

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