Reputed physician. Medical scientist and English Poet Laureate of international repute. Many of my innovations are the first of their kind in medical science. Noted Novelist and Philosopher.


My biography 'Kripaude Sangeetam' was written by Rev Dr. Mathew Daniel, the former principal of St.Thomas College, Kozhencherry, Kerala and was published by CSS Thiruvalla in 2002. The study, review and criticism of my shorter poems in English by eight scholars in India, in book form 'World Within The World', was published by ICCRI

Personal Information

You may read the online version of my three books. 'His Marks On Me', 'World Within The World' and 'My Contributions To Medical Science'. In the book 'His Marks On Me', there are 22 illustrations. Look at them with utmost concentration exactly as per the instruction given on the opposite page of each illustration, in italics letters.