Another Great Witness To Jesus Christ

Day before yesterday, while I was examining a patient in my consulting room, Christ told in my mind [intuition], 'Your friend Sabu Thomas is in danger. Call him now'. I stopped examining the patient and called him over phone. Sabu is good friend of me and he is a senior subeditor in the daily Malayala Manorama, at Kottayam. I did not have any contact with him since the past two months.

When I called him, Sabu was at a famous Ayurvedic centre near Ernakulam. He is in the massage room for the massaging of his wife who is having very severe back ache and retention of urine since the past few weeks. The massaging will start in few minutes time as per the advice of the Ayurvedic physician. Previously they consulted two orthopaedic surgeons and they diagnosed it as a case of Lumbar disc prolapse and she was given conservative line of treatment. Since her condition became worse and she could not walk,the relatives pressed Sabu to have Ayurvedic treatment immediately. I got angry with Sabu 'What foolishness are you doing? If massaging is done now she will get paralysed in no time and your wife will be bedridden with retention of urine during her whole life time. Escape from this place before the nurses come for massage,' I cried aloud. Sabu obeyed me like a child. Sabu said later ' My brother helped me to carry Sonia and ran away from there like a thief'. I urgently directed her to Dr. Sajish K Menon,the renowned, probably the best Neurosurgeon for spinal surgery in India, at AIMS, Eranakulam and he did emergency microscopic surgery this morning.Surgery was successful. Dr.Sajish K Menon said 'The intervertebral discs were broken into pieces and they compressed the nerves severely'. Now she is shifted to her room and tomorrow she can be discharged.

Few hours before, Sabu called me and said ' Everything is like a dream.If there was delay of few minutes for your call, messaging would have been started and Sonia...........' Sabu could not complete his words.

This is a great witness that Jesus Christ is living amidst us. This is how He is dong wonders. I am not a party in this great healing. Believe in Him and He is in you. I give you assurance for that.