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A Testimony By Dr. Manthena Damodara Chary, One Of The Great English Poets In India, A Renowned English Professor And The Chairman Of Telangana Poets' Forum, Hyderabad.

  Dr.K.K.MATHEW IS MY SAVIOUR   ********************************   I am fortunate to be in association with Dr

A True Life Incident

Jesus Christ, the greatest healer The mother of a renowned journalist from Kayamkulam, was my heart patient for nearly thirty

Jesus’s Grace Is The Best Medicine

It was in April 1979, on a sunny day, I was examining a patient in my consulting room at St.Thomas Mission Hospital, Kattanam. A s

The Holy Spirit In The Eyes Of A Scientist

How did I find out Jesus in my life? Step 1. I surrendered completely to Jesus. I begged for His pardon for my sins. Step 2. I t

God's Grace A Wonder

The Rev. A. K. George of Marthoma Church was a missionary who had spent most of his life time in the Tibetan border. The place is

God Gave Jiji A Second Life

Jiji Binu was given a resurrection by God recently. Severely troubled by constant vomiting for about one year and nine months, s

Jesus Christ Touched And Healed

Now I narrate how Jesus Christ relieved the extreme agony of a family, from utter despair. Mr. Moncy Ninan aged 62, Padinjareth

Christ Heard The Prayer

Christ touched and healed another patient today. Eby, an engineer working in Saudi Arabia met with a road accident 5 weeks ago

How Jesus Is Guarding My Family

Nothing is impossible before Jesus! I have posted here many true life incidents where Jesus touched and healed. But here I am wi

Another Great Witness To Jesus Christ

Day before yesterday, while I was examining a patient in my consulting room, Christ told in my mind [intuition], 'Your friend Sa

God's Grace,a Wonder

Let me post a real miraculous life incident that happened two years ago.God touched and healed a patient having a suspected incu

A New Life

It was in December 2014, that evening at about 5.30, I got a call from his wife that Rajagopalan is very sick since that morning a

Jesus Acts

A 24 year old lady doctor, the daughter of a government secretary, came to me two months ago for persistent vomiting, for which sh

Christ Touched And Healed Akshai

It was in September 2014, that day, when I was examining patients in my consultation room, the medical representative Viswanathan

A Day Of God's Grace

That day was really unforgettable and the most inspiring day for me. I was filled with pride when I think of that day. It was in 1

Incompleteness Of Medical Science

Medical science is incomplete. Man is constituted mainly by two elements. 1. The soul 2. The body. The soul is controlling the bod

Spiritual Healing

What is spiritual ailment? It is the immobilisation of the human soul inside the worldly passions. The soul becomes decayed in