God Gave Jiji A Second Life

Jiji Binu was given a resurrection by God recently. Severely troubled by constant vomiting for about one year and nine months, she was treated at two superspeciality hospitals without any success. Later, for about one and half years, she was under the treatment of a renowned Gastroenterologist. But she did not get any relief of her severe vomiting. One day she collapsed and she was taken to me. In fact I did not examine her. God whispered in my heart that it is the same persisting vomiting about which, I have published an article in the national medical journal, for which, the drug Imipramine was found to be effective. I started the drug Imipramine and the vomiting stopped completely.

When she came for follow-up, she casually told me about a fullness in her left upper abdomen. I could detect a fairly large tumor in the left hypochondrium which was quite unrelated to her vomiting. It was whispered again in my heart that it is very rare benign tumor arising from the left suprarenal gland named 'Pheochromocytoma'. The CT scan and other tests did not conform it.

Jiji was referred to the Dept of Nephrology of Lisie Hospital, Ernakulam for surgery. It was a very difficult surgery. Since the tumor was fairly large, it has to be cut in to pieces. During surgery, patient had severe BP fall and the doctors prayed. At last Jiji survived. The biopsy report came as 'Pheochromocytoma. Jiji is a perfectly healthy person now. I fully believe that God touched her and healed her.