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Always I am on my path towards the 'Truth'. My journey started at the age of 16. The path was full of thorns. Though I failed repeatedly in my initial attempts, I succeeded since the past 25 years. I could find out the 'Truth' 15 years ago. I could realize that the 'Truth' is nothing but Jesus Christ! The journey is a self study or self dissection of my mind. Now I realize, the study is never ending! My self search is still continuing! I hear the words of Jesus and He is guiding me always. I could communicate with Him. Most of the time, I am in a state of abode or bliss, even when I face a lot of physical sufferings.

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The formidable poetry book titled "A Poetic Journey" delineated by the prominent poet Dr. K. K. Mathew is a literary work of mammoth quality and enormous cadences. This book contains poems which are enticingly subjective, alluringly objective, exquisitely profound, elegantly beautiful, eloquently attractive, artistically well-versed, imaginatively contrived, aesthetically infinite and cobbled together and creatively enduring and endeavouring. Through the poems of this poetry book, Dr. K. K. Mathew introduced a new sensitivity to the world of poetry in an obvious and straight-forward manner. Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil

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Poetic Path is purely a reflection of poet’s inner mind. Profound truth from the inner mind is revealed, and it serves as the foundation for these poems. An attempt is made to explore the mysteries of human life. Most of the poems in the book are highly philosophical and mystical. The delicate human relationship and the beautiful link between the human soul and the human body are handled with great beauty. Some of the delicate subjects exposed and discussed include the poetic soul, poetic path, and poetic wisdom, which are discussed here with an eye on the inner truths. Some of the poems have the potential to reach the most delicate realm beyond human thought and feeling. The tenderness, emotions, are mixed with human feelings and thoughts, and they come from the depth of the inner mind to beautify the yards of words.

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Poetry, here is at every moment an act of turbulent incarnation. Talent is, here pregnant with delightful possibilities. The poet achieves great poetic heights. Sincerity of feeling, honesty of perception, unmixed emotion and effusive spirituality are the qualities that recommend the book to you. If one is spiritually inclined and willing to exercise the mind and spirit in that direction, for him the book becomes almost indispensable.

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